About Us

The Journey So Far

    • Girls On The Go Travel Club (GOTG) was started in 2008 by erstwhile corporate lawyer Piya Bose on a Zero Cash business model after an inspiring, impromptu overland trip from Lucknow (India) – Nepal – Tibet.


    • The first GOTG trip was to Ladakh in August 2008. Since then, GOTG has taken women trekking up to the Everest Base Camp, walking under water in Bali, expedition cruising in Antarctica, photographing the Northern Lights at the Arctic Circle, exploring volcanoes in Reunion Island and Santorini, camping like nomads in Mongolia, living with erstwhile head hunters in Nagaland etc.


    • In keeping with the spirit that barriers are only in the mind and not the body, GOTG has helped women with disabilities and women as old as 90 years go on soul seeking adventures.


    • In the next step of our journey, GOTG hopes to help women from lower socio economic backgrounds travel and experience the same perspective shifts.


    • GOTG has also shifted from doing ‘women only tours’ to ‘tours for women’. Though our group tours are only for women, we also have ‘groups within groups’ for women who are comfortable travelling with safe mixed gender groups. These are usually one of a kind special interest tours organised by our trusted partners where the larger group has both men and women. GOTG forms a smaller group within the larger group and GOTG travellers are always paired with female room mates.

GOTG's Mission

GOTG’s mission statement is Travel ~ Evolve ~ Transform.


We empower women to travel outside their familiar surroundings and explore new worlds. This helps them evolve into more confident, aware and compassionate women who will positively transform themselves, their families, society and the world.

Why Women Only?

Modern day women have a unique combination of being adventurous risk takers, yet balanced and intuitive. At a micro level they are nurturers and primary care givers and at a macro level they have a sharp, well rounded understanding of global affairs. When they travel, women merge the micro and macro worlds seamlessly and develop very unique perspectives. With today's outsized existential challenges like climate change, cultural intolerance etc, the emotional intelligence of women travellers with a first hand experience of diverse cultures and geographies is critical to start transforming society at a micro level and nurturing a compassionate new world.

GOTG and Men

Though GOTG is a travel club for women, men are an important part of our journey. Many of our guides and drivers are men who help women travel safely. When GOTG started in 2008, we received requests from women travellers to speak to their husbands and fathers to let them travel. Fast forward a decade later to 2018, we now receive calls from men who have gifted GOTG trips to women in their family and friend circles because they believe that women should be empowered and self dependent. We even had a boyfriend call us saying he wants to gift a GOTG trip to his fiancee instead of a diamond ring! If you are a man reading this, please support our mission by encouraging women you know to travel with GOTG.